Sunday, January 15, 2012

Adios, Profe!

Lesson #1 on how to stick out as a gringo in El Sauce: say “hola” to people as you pass by them in the street. What?! That’s right, if you say “hola” everyone will immediately pin you as a foreigner (though the light skin and hair don’t really help in that department!) 

Now, this doesn’t mean that people ignore each other. On the contrary, actually. People are SO friendly here, but if you want to acknowledge and greet someone when you are just passing by, you say “Adios!” (though it comes out more like “adio” because they tend to chop the “s” off a lot). I guess it makes sense. I mean, if you’re going to say hello to someone, it’s like you’re starting a conversation…so to say hello but then keep going and chop the conversation seems a bit odd. 

Given that El Sauce is fairly small, pretty much everyone knows everybody else, so you are constantly hearing "Adios!" Now, one of my favorite things about walking around El Sauce is passing by one of my students and hearing “Adios profe!”


  1. Ashley! estás en Nicaragua?! que suerte.. y que suerte encontrar tu blog! espero que todo te vaya genial!

    Georgina de Barcelona (Rochester)

  2. Qué fantástico que puedes construir casas Y enseñar inglés a estudiantes tan preciosos. ¡¡¡Tengo celos, y ya te echo de menos!!!

  3. Georgina! Que bueno saber de ti! Si estoy en Nicaragua! Ahorita estoy enseñando inglés en una escuela privada, y después voy a trabajar en un programa social con una amiga nicaraguense, y ese programa provee becas para estudiantes pobres y prestamos para mujeres. Gracias por el comentario!