Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Does anybody remember that show? I was reminded of it again today when my friend's daughter started a ridiculous conversation with us about coffee and coughing. You'd think that those are two completely unrelated topics, but leave it to a 4 year old to relate them! The conversation went something like this (G is the daughter, M is the mother, and A is me):

background info: we were eating breakfast - chicharrones with frijoles, tortilla and coffee, and the little girl wanted to drink some of her mom's coffee.

M: Las niñas no toman café, solo los adultos.
G: ¿Porque me da tos?
M: Sí
G: Y la Ashley tampoco toma café porque es la hija de los Estados Unidos y le da tos.
A: Tomé un trago de café y tosé porque no lo había tragado bien.
G: Viste?!

 Now in English:
M: Little girls don't drink coffee, only adults.
G: Because it makes me cough?
M: Yep
G: And Ashley doesn't drink coffee either because she's the daughter of the United States and it makes her cough.
A: I took a sip of coffee and coughed because I hadn't swallowed properly.
G: See?! (like "I told ya so") 


Example 2:
background info: I was taking my friend's daughter and her sister's son to their preschool class one morning, and the kids were walking incredibly slowly. To encourage them to pick up the pace a bit, I told them that Tobi (my friend's dog who is super loyal and follows us everywhere) was walking much faster than them and would arrive first to class.
G is the daughter, A is me, and D is the cousin/nephew

G: Pero Tobi no va a clase!
A: Y por que no?
G: Porque no.
A: David*, por que no va a clase Tobi?
D: Porque ya es grande.

G: But Tobi doesn't go to class!
A: And why not?
G: Because.
A: David, why doesn't Tobi go to class?
D: Because he's too old.

Apparently it had nothing to do with the fact that he's a dog but rather that he was too old to be in their preschool class!
*This is not actually the little boy's name.


Example 3:
background info: I was playing school with my friend's two children, ages 7 and 4. I was asking each of them questions appropriate to their level, but at one point, the four year old answered a question for her brother with a completely silly response, but with such poise and confidence that I had to share!
G is the daughter, T is the son, and A is me.

A: Que es una centena?
G: Es una nave espacial para los extraterrestres.
T: NO, tiene cien unidades.

A: What is a hundred?
G: It's a space ship for aliens.
T: NO, it has one hundred units.

And I have to give her credit...the word "centena" does sound like something related to aliens!

One of G's favorite sayings whenever we're playing a game such as UNO is to say "El que gana, pierde", or "The one who wins, loses".

There are so many more examples from these three kids especially, but unfortunately I didn't think to write them down in the moment, and I have forgotten. From now on, I vow to write down the wisdom of these children because it's just so darn adorable!

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